A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Monday, January 2, 2012

No Longer Neglected... step one

Maybe because we used to have to oil all the saddles at LTS when it was too hot to ride, or maybe because its just really boring, but anyhow, I have a real deep dislike for cleaning saddles... So its no wonder that while my horseback riding was on hiatus I neglected what I had (out of sight, out of mind)...

My saddle:

I wish I could show just how dusty and stiff the leather is, but I think its clear the suede is pretty bad (not that my butt will care when I ride)

Post saddle soap: (still need to get into some of the tooling with a toothbrush)


And yes, I'm cleaning my saddle in my living room, its cold in the garage and we loaned our space heaters out so no way am I sitting in the garage on this foggy January day.

Next comes the oiling and reconditioning, now I just need to go the store... Ah winter projects...