A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Friday, March 30, 2018

Return of the Dirty Mirror Selfies

FINALLY back to riding.

Felt like eons, but to an equestrian months of no saddle time, is forever right?

Clearly stoked to take selfies
Since trainer has no lesson horses currently, another boarder was kind enough to loan me her gelding. Jasper is a pretty nice gelding, similar enough to Holly to not feel totally foreign after my hiatus.

Done with me
He is more forward, which is really nice, that whole squeeze to go then just keep a little leg on to maintain is pretty awesome. I got to half halt instead of kick kick kick like I was doing on Trooper pony before my hiatus. Jasper has a higher headset, which makes me feel like he is "perked up" and ready to spook at something, but no, just not dragging me over his neck. Novel.

 Trainer was funny and had me do some two-point at the walk and trot. Um, yeah... that was not pretty. Posting trot felt fine, Jasper has a nice rising trot, although fussy about frame and can get hollow at sitting trot. I am really impressed with how he has turned out since they got him fairly green (but not young). I cantered like a mannequin, super stiff and unable to float with his decent sized canter... certainly feeling it after. 

Thank you car outside for getting his ears up
 Did get some really nice shoulder-in, prompting trainer to say there's "hope for me yet" if I can remember that after all this time off.

Another boarder who only rides on weekends has offered me her green bean mare, who I will love to ride... once I get some core back.

Now to figure out how to pencil in riding around my schedule, small children, and having to borrow horses... easy peasy I am sure.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Allow me to officially introduce...

In my typical delayed fashion...
(mostly because most of you already follow my FB or IG)

Here is Lucas W.

Now 3 weeks old.

Big Sis decided he's ok afterall

Life with 3 kids is kinda like... getting ready for a horse show, I'm running late, need a shower, forgetting things, and worried I am messing it all up.

Bright side I still have a few more weeks before returning to work. VERY happy for the break.

Also get to return to riding soon. Will be basically catch riding as my normal rides have been sold. Because when you have been off over half a year its a good time to catch ride lol.