A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Holly & Past Horses

... work in progress....probably for a looooong time.... ;)


Born: 2012
Breed: POA?
Height: 13.3hh (and some change)

First look at my little guy

Bought: July 2018. 
Impulse buy because every working, new mother of 3 needs a pony. 
Holly aka. Homegrown Art

Born: 04/25/2008
Breed: Appendix
Sire: Artful Investment
Height: 16hh

Trial ride of Princess
Boy did she turn out gorgeous

Oddly kid tolerant, never ate fingers :P

Bought: October of 2013.
Sold: Summer 2017.
 Full time training x1 year. My sassy little princess.

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