A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good Boy!!!

Tuesday- Lesson day. I still get irrationally nervous before lessons, it drives me nuts because part of my brain is like "hey weenie get over it" and the other half of my brain is like "but I'm gonna crash and die". Its a rather annoying internal power struggle between my inner chicken and my rational self. Karley went down to the lower arena initially to lunge Henry and I did a bunch of laps at a nice (kinda) forward walk. We went by the 'spooky' side of the arena several times to get that over with, and Magic was unimpressed. Karley came back in and we started to trot, sitting was good, then some posting and two-point, then the dreaded no-stirrup trotting. We did a few laps of leg burning awesomeness then our trainer stepped away to help L bridle the new greenie and left us circling without stirrups. Yup, I have a lot more leg work to do. Magic was pretty much ignoring my leg, but certainly came to attention with a little whip. After some big kicking/ buck action requiring some corrective action, he became the more forward horse I was asking for. 

We jumped a big crossrail (j/k it was like totally small) with trot polls before hand. Henry was hilarious, he was prancing Karley over the trot polls like some big fancy pants. Magic was nice and responsive, I finally see the desire for a horse to be forward to the jump instead of always having to push push, its easier to slow then be kicking like crazy while trying to balance. 

Hopefully video will upload, about half way through you see Me jump then my trainer keep looking down and then slap her leg and laugh. That was at me almost eating dirt. Ha ha. We were working the rail on the right side of the arena, and since I am always yelled at for drifting, I came off straight then asked for a lead change in a ridiculously tight turning space. Magic jarred me up to his neck and did the best thing ever, he stopped! He got a big hug ( I was already on his neck) and a good boy. I have seen him duck out of riders, and certainly tried it with me. He had me in perfect positioned to toss me into the arena wall, but he didn't. It felt good knowing he didn't always want me off, even if it does mean he's babysitting me a bit, hey he's jumped a lot more than I have, that's ok with me. 

 I had a few jumps that got an 'excellent' from my trainer, but someone's big chestnut was in front of the camera ::cough, Karley, cough:: Of course after my 'one last time' jump I did it well but still had to go again, and yet I'm still surprised, lol. 

Cooled Magic while watching L on the new greenie, possible project horse. Very green, but looks smooth and willing. Not sure about further riding, my mom's having surgery Friday so kinda throws my next week into the unknown...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Dance

I guess it's fairly appropriate that while I was thinking of L and Carlos, that country music lyrics kept coming to mind. I always think of Garth Brooks, The Dance when dealing with loss, because I think its pretty right on with how life should be lived. Carlos was super lucky to have L as a mom.

And now, I'm glad I didn't know
the way it all would end, the way it all would go.
Our lives are better left to chance;
I could have missed the pain,
but I'd have had to miss the dance.

I know L is  hurting, and I hope time and the love of friends and family can bring her comfort. She's an amazing horsewoman and person. The barn is feels off without Carlos poking his nose into everyone's business. 


Friday I arrived out to the barn only to find out Magic's owner had just trailered him back in and since he was dirty and just starting to eat I figured he had earned the rest of the night off. 

Since our trainer was gone this weekend, I got to come Saturday morning and ride with part of the Saturday crew, Karley, M, and E. It was nice and fun, I rarely get to see M, and her mare Kaile. 

 Henry and Magic were quite smitten with Kaile this am, they watched her like acne-riddled teenagers. Other than that, not much to write about. Magic was a slug, but after deciding I am so over having to nag for forward motion I got a little lot more forceful with the whip and we happily moved out after that. I swear that boy gets his jollys from being smacked. Magic was a dust ball, but since it was windy, I rinsed him and cleaned him up best as I could. We all chatted while cleaning tack, and I realized how much I need that. My main social life kinda died off after we had a baby.

Working Sunday night (read- HOLIDAY PAY woohoo!) so prob no ride Monday, lesson Tuesday, and ride maybe Thurs, Friday

I snapped some pics Friday since I had our good camera.





Mr Blue

Nicku on Pongo

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Windy weekdays

ok, this makes me look like a little kid
Pretty pretty
Monday- Maiden voyage of my new Beval boots thanks to Karley's idea that we should suffer the joys of new boots together. I wasn't feeling well anyways so figured why not? They are pretty soft inside since the gal I got them from oiled them prior to selling them. Since it was my first time in field boots it felt totally weird, but I kinda liked the feel.

It was windy so of course we had our 'OMG the tractor/trees/imaginary fire-breathing dragon are going to eat me' moments, but ironically only once by the open end of the arena. He would tense up, but since I was ready (for once) he had no where to go,  so he was fine, but when I got to the side of the arena, suddenly there was a mom with an iPad and an extra water bottle, one of the two was apparently terrifying to Magic. Oiy-vay, I finally kicked his butt enough to get him to work cleanly passed it, but I really need to nip things in the butt faster. I was stiff and had to dismount with the mounting block (ok, I just didn't want to scuff my shiny new boots) and finished cleaning happy boy up.

I think I earned a treat
Tuesday- Ladies night lesson. CRAZY wind all day. My trainer was in denial and initially sent us down to the outdoor arena. Thankfully about half way there, our trainer realized without a megaphone we couldn't hear anything and sent us back in. L was on Carlos, who was definitely happy to be hanging with the group. E didn't stay on long, Blue had a cough and with the cold going around, she didn't want to push him.... So basically it was torture Karley and Kat night. I definitely could feel all the points my new boots had rubbed, and I'm not sure why, but my lateral ankle was killing me. I think I tend to roll it outwards when I post (trying to not look like a duck) and strain something.

Did all the normal WTC stuff with added horse-eating-windy-corner stuff, although Magic really isn't bad if I'm assertive and paying attention (not my strongest traits). Felt bad for the beginner getting a lesson by another trainer, who's mom will have to edit video with our my trainer yelling things like "Kat just beat him already! Beat his ass!" etc etc. I love my trainer, but I'm sure she sounds crazy to others. But truth be told, Magic needs a little dominating, silly boy.

(Blogger is such a pill about video uploading)

 Then we jumped a baby vertical back and forth, which killed but I survived with minimal whining. Then Karley jumped a real jump, even though I know her feet killed her she did really well. Cooled off and enjoyed the barn chit-chat while cleaning up.

Getting Magic baby-desensitized. :)
Decided I need to keep my eyes open for a tack trunk, little tired of squishing everything in a Rubbermaid and my car. Yay for another thing to shop for ;)

Ok enough, sorry I am a long-winded gal...

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sharing is caring

TUESDAY- Opted for a morning lesson hoping that it would be cooler and I would get to ride inside where it usually feels safer. Yeah, paid for that one.

My trainer hopped on her QH Frosty and I quickly tacked up Magic and started warming up. Then in came the western trainer at our barn and her WS, who apparently just had to sack out her horse before she rode. Now she did ask, but really why on earth would you even try to run around your horse with plastic bags on a stick while others are trying to have a lesson?! There's a round pen like 50ft from the indoor. So my trainer said she could try but she wasn't sure how Magic would handle it.... He didn't. Poor guy had to push towards the scary outside edge of the arena to get away from the poor Arab being eaten by a bag. We worked thru it a bit, then thankfully the other trainer decided that was enough torture for everyone and quit. I just thought it was a bit selfish to even try it with others around, in a lesson no less. 

 Kind of set me into my defensive, weaker self for the rest of the lesson. Did the usual WTC then did some counter canter work, which I can't remember the last time I worked on. Did better his 'bad less bendy way' to the left go figure, then had a grueling time getting him to stay counter on the right. I couldn't seem to keep enough bend/ leg pressure to keep him from swapping leads. I at least got used to sitting his lead changes finally lol. Overall, it was a good learning experience and definitely a work out.

Went home and came back and got to watch the night ladies ride. Got some pics and video for my trainer of her wenglish horse, L's blog had details :) It was fun getting to just sit and watch everyone ride, I ride with some pretty inspiring chicks :)

FRIDAY- Sat around for like an hour debating if I wanted to drive all the way down to the barn and squeeze in a ride before work. Decided, duh, of course  I did. GOt down to a super windy, have deserted barn. No one was riding in the indoor, and no one was on our side of the barn. I figured I'd turn a very lookey Magic out before hopping on since I was alone. Glad I did, he blew up a few times in the round pen, mostly because there was a big box truck unloading furniture to the house right next to it. Oh yea, that will settle him down, lol. Finally pulled up the big girl panties and hopped on. Just did a bunch of trotting, worked on bending way into the corners and maintaining a consistent speed (not well but tried). Admittedly stayed towards the closed end of the arena, did a few decent canter laps and cooled off, cleaned Mr Happy and left. He is super shiny and keeps getting complements, which  I totally tease him about, grumpy old man.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blog Slacker

OK, so quick update from the last week...
(well for me)

TUESDAY- I had a lesson Tues night but my head wasn't in it. Same old flat work around half the outdoor, it nice having an arena so big that two lessons can happen with minimal overlapping. Then we worked on coming around to jumps and not cutting corners after, ugh. Luckily I only had to trot poles/cross rail a few times and then got to watch L ride Oh-So-Western Frosty over said cross rail. That cheered me up a bit, entertaining as it was (except he gave some rough stops to poor L). It was nice seeing my Tues Ladies night gals again.

FRIDAY- In the afternoon I rode with L who was on Pongo, who really is adorable. Magic and I did lots of transitions with minimal attitude or spooking. I kinda gave him the two cats flying into view of the only-sometimes open end of the arena, I was kinda startled too ;) Overall, it was nice and relaxing after a long week.

MONDAY- I rode in the afternoon with Karley. It was kinda fun since both our hubbys and kids were  in tow. It was like having our own little rooting section as we hacked around. Another mom showed up with her older kids, and it was funny seeing the little girl all googly eyed over the horses, and the son super bored and complaining about the flies. I hope I can impart a love of horses and riding (whatever style he chooses).  

Had a lesson today, but I'll save that for another post, so I don't wear out anyone bothering to read ;)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Goodbye old friend...

 Didn't ride Monday, spent some time with my boys and puppies since I had worked an extra shift Sunday night and was rather brain dead. Tuesday. Had a work meeting. Only half listened as we drudged thru our committee work.

Then came the moment I've been dreading for years.

I took my dog Shelby to the vet and she was put to sleep. I thought with acknowledgement of her failing health I had already prepared myself for that moment, but I was pretty tore up.  She had a rough start to her life, I'm not the greatest dog owner, but I gave her the best  I knew how. The hardest part was how perky she got at the vet, leaving me a doubt riddled, teary mess. She went peacefully and quietly, my good girl.

I got Shelby when I was 18 and living on a ranch. Silly me, I offered to find her a home for my dads coworker, little did I know it would be mine. She was a 8 month old Aussie mix, with curly oily fur and a tongue that never quite fit in her mouth. She would put up with anything you did (except baths lol). She was always a quiet, consistent part of my life for 13 years. Her presence is missed.

Last pic of my Shelby girl
Yup, she was that patient

Shelby teaching Indy the ropes

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Friday Fun

Friday- It was another oddly scorching spring day, which made daytime sleeping rough. Since getting necessary sleep was not in the cards I dragged myself out of bed and did what any sane person would do, I went horseback riding :)

I got to the barn and L was there pampering her boy. We visited a bit while I slowly groomed and tacked up Magic. L decided she'd play trainer and came and sat in the arena while I rode shouting fun things like "drop your stirrups!". I was quickly red faced and panting in our 90 degree heat wave so L graciously brought me water. K showed up with her cutie pie daughter and we all visited while I did a mix of sitting trot, posting and canter work. Magic is so set in his routine I wanted to vary it up a bit to make sure he was listening to me, not just auto-piloting thru his paces. He was actually pretty well behaved considering I had pulled him from his food to huff around the arena. (Gee couldn't be my newly donned spurs) Since there was adorable little girls getting beginner lessons around me, we worked on mixed size circles at random points in the arena, trying to not run into ponies.

Cooled the dripping, sweaty beast out while chatting with L and K then decided since I was hosing Magic might as well give him a quick bath. You'd have thought I was spraying him with knives for the fussing this caused, but nonetheless he was shiny clean so we walked the long way to his home and I let him graze a bit so he wouldn't be tempted to roll his clean self in muck.

Nothing fun or horsey til Monday, just work work work :p