A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Friday, July 7, 2017


So part of my silence has been because Holly has been for sale. Like real for sale. Like weird people coming and riding her, showing off their weird family dynamics, for sale. I finally stepped back and let trainer do more. I had all the feelings over it.

So after a few adult ammy's, a few eventers wanting her to be something I never said she was, and a few juniors who well, needed to keep taking lessons, I found what I pray is a good fit. Trainer and barnmates saw her test rides, she did a trial week and vetted her at their barn.

She's going  gone to a 20 something who is sweet and calm. She's fairly nearby (if we didn't have such crappy traffic, she'd feel much closer). She plans on being out there every day with Holly, something I lost the ability to do a kid ago.

Her trainer is someone who my trainer has known for decades, he's got tons of experience and clearly is still a very active rider (I saw him finishing up a ride as I came to the barn). Which is nice knowing if there's anything she has trouble with (like suddenly not doing lead changes for the gal, really Holly?!) the trainer can ride her through it.

I went to sign papers and Holly was out in cross-ties. She nickered softly at me and nuzzled me when I got close. She's a sweet one, that's for sure. New owner gave me her number so I could text for photos and updates.
Always have a soft spot for this doe-eyed girl
I still need to clean off her stall door, take blankets home or sell, etc. Still not fully grasping being a non-owner. I'm sure my replenishing bank-account will help it feel real. Gotta do the adulting stuff for awhile, then hopefully come spring comes pony shopping.