A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

3 Years

So the beginning of this month was my 3 year anniversary with Holly.

Yep still have her. She's for sale (again). Because I had a month or so of being totally smitten with her again and when you stop checking your bank account that's awesome. Then you remember your cars are all super high mileage, kids are growing, and you're pretty sure that's rust in the back of your microwave (seriously they do that?!).

When I first went to look at her, I wasn't so sure. She was taller than I wanted, and had training but in WP, so she was downhill and either threw herself at jumps from quite the distance away or did an impressively small chip in.
Such a baby face
Now she's pretty much a well oiled machine on anything 2'9" and under. And quickly finds her rhythm at 3'-3'3". She knows lateral work, extends, changes, turn on haunches/ shoulders, etc. She is everything my trainer said she'd be.

But lots of things in my life change, and I am slowly accepting that's ok. Having two kids was more time consuming than I expected (hey I'm an only child- I have no frame of reference lol). And ya know, take more money too.

She is a saint as soon as my son is aboard
We've had some really good (and some not) lessons lately. I even had my big girls panties on and did some really relaxed baby jumps, proving to myself, my confidence is in there somewhere.

OMG feet leaving ground
My trainer has been doing lots of transition/change/halt/turn drills for us to fumble through. Brain work. I'm working on really focusing on what the heck all my body parts are doing (despite how I look in photos). I'm amazed at how keeping my seat still affects how well we change, or hold a counter canter. Always a duh moment for me ;)