A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Pony Brain meets Mom Brain

The Struggle Is Real for both of us. I am not even sure how long ago I started this post, 1 week? 2 weeks? Did I eat lunch? What day is it?

Fin pony was back in full work,last week, and progress is showing in leaps and bounds... literally, he is a cute jumper. 

In the last few weeks we have learned:

- People have to handle are legs, sucking it up and standing quietly is much easier than the alternative. 
- Good pony ground manners aka boundaries
-Just pose for the selfie or mom will keep trying,

Under Saddle:
-Stand for mounting (mounting block comes next)
-Turn on the fore
-Cantering -it won't kill us
-Jumping is fun

Seriously he is definitely an Appy pony work ethic/ brain wise. Picks up what you are asking lightning fast, doesn't want to be over-drilled on it, and would much rather walk then anything else.

Sorry super far away, but those knees are tucked
My saddle isn't a great fit and I think he possibly wouldn't look so hollow back/giraffe if it fit better. It's too wide, and his sweat pattern is at least fairly even so he doesn't seem particularly tender in any area after a ride. Right now he goes best with a foam/gel pad and baby pad. We have had some funky days when the experiments have been wrong. 

such a light mouth

Also been trying these stirrups out,
I'll review them someday. Short of it, I need shorter leathers, and my feet don't go numb, which is awesome!

We worked on moving his whole body in a turn not just his cute little neck. He is so beautifully responsive to hand and leg, its refreshing, even if he often has no idea what I am asking. His little ears are constantly checking on me (probably desperately trying to hear me say 'walk') I love watching him figure things out.

About to canter- I've been lucky with getting him to pickup his right lead
Of course, had a great week riding, then he blew an abscess in the same foot he had injured a few weeks ago. It really really sucks but I am happy it happened when my farrier was out anyways and that it gives a good reason why my last ride I kept swearing he was slightly NQR at times. He had been super sensitive in the deep sand, which makes since now. 

And that's the gist. Except I finally bought some tall Ariats... and a corgi belt.... hubby really shouldn't let me shop alone.