A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Monday, January 25, 2016

Stuck in the Middle With You

Ah those Winter Woes.

Sorry, really, my sympathies for those with real winter weather.

I mulled over posting this. Its kinda whinny. Be forewarned.

2 weeks ago, I was pretty frustrated with my horse and myself. She was jumpy, I was super reactive and letting it all get the best of me. I have zero confidence these days.

Perusing horse ads became a little more than idle time killing. I was curious what else was out there. Not that I totally expect to find a unicorn, lets be real the #1 thing my mare has been spooking at is other horses spooking. That hasn't been lost on me.

I told trainer come spring I would heavily be thinking of selling Holly, and if someone came out to lok at barnmate's sale horse, she could show Holly (insert instant guilt). She's damn pretty, smart, trained, and could take some serious ribbons, but I'm not sure what my 2016 goals are anymore.

 I rode a few times in a beautiful but absolutely wrong for us dressage saddle (Thanks N!). We don't need anything helping push me forward. It did feel pretty good to open my really really defensive hip angle. I relaxed a bit and focused on feeling the newness of the change in position. Then returning to my CWD I realized what I needed to do with my hips to ride her canter better. Now my knees hurt after riding in the jump saddle. NOT telling hubby my $$$ saddle causes me discomfort, he's already a little miffed at my wanting a dressage saddle too.. (poor hubby).

Not dying in the scary corner
Our last few rides have been good. I've taken less shit, she's given less. And that's the rub, she needs a regular, confident rider to shine; neither of which I am currently. I'm not quite ready to downgrade to the old plow mule, but something that mellow sounds kinda nice. I kinda want to have the steady horse of the pack. Most likely in a few years, that will be her, she has to acknowledge that QH side eventually.

Sorry this post is kinda scattered like my thoughts. I've looked back through my blog and realized we've pretty much struggled every winter and things generally get better as the weather warms. That feels a long time away, even in Cali.

Decision decisions... guilt guilt guilt....saddle shopping?

Ugh, chin straps are not attractive

Finally riding w/ Karley

Holly's opinion of work, such a lady ;)

Monday, January 4, 2016

Candy Canes, GM, and Naughty ponies

Freezing cold wind makes for rough Xmas photos

Trying to get back into blogging is proving to be hard. But at least now  I have a little help with a new laptop. So now I can sit here in bed, and type away. no kids, glass of wine... Hmm... this may not be super productive...

XMAS scored my another 2 sets of Piper breeches and assorted Under Armor tops along with said laptop and other wintery things like beanies and my beloved scarves.

I'm also on a major sugar binge, so hopefully I can clean out the candy and start some cleaner living with Nicku and her #goalbreeches

Anywhoo, I audited the GM Clinic with Karley, getting to watch L once again brave riding with someone who will tell you exactly how he feels, good, bad, and brutal. L and Karley did pretty good synopsis of the clinic already, so I'll keep it short.

Being the second time, but a few years removed, it was interesting to see what new things I picked up.
#1- Dressage
#2- Leg-hand, Leg-hand, Leg-hand
#4-Outside rein
#6-I'm never riding with him.
#7- Dressage
#8-If GM can make a horse engage his hind quarters in 10min without stirrups, I have no excuse for not demanding better frame/ uphill work.
#9-Dressage- No really, GM really pushes the power of sound flat work. Which makes me feel better about returning to focus on it.

Seriously, I need to do no stirrup work if GM still rides without them

I was so inspired by GM I even tried jumping a little bit a couple weeks ago, really thinking of riding in a "crotch seat" as he terms the proper American jump position. It really helped me think of the right spot to be in, and helped me not get ahead or left behind.

But ya know...
Its winter....
Naughty ponies do haunches in/out, shoulder in/out
I don't know why it catches me off-guard every year that the ponies all lose their minds when the temps drop and the winds gust. Well, at least my beauty does. To be fair, she isn't getting the same turn-out/ saddle time either, and she's a girl who needs to kick her heels up regularly.

Rode her the other day without lunging, since there really wasn't room in the indoor. Umm, yea, YeeHaw.

That was a learning experience to say the least. If you didn't let her channel that spooky energy forward, she gave me upward then forward. Nothing nasty but we caught some air, because she's wasn't keen on being the horse in the arena that got eaten.

Ok. Ok, we always lunge first, point taken princess.

Style points :) 

I have worked really hard at keeping my hands up and more leg leg leg since GM and have really noticed a difference in my ability to keep her in a nice frame. Not a lot of media proof since hubby isn't a fan of low-light indoor photography in 30F weather ;)

I leave you with my grumpy kitty
Been busy with the holiday family stuff, hopefully can get regular rides back into the mix, because not riding isn't helping either of us. Luckily WS had last two weeks off and has put some good rides into Holly.