A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Maybe I'm just getting old...

I am thoroughly enjoying this Olympics more than normal. Most likely because I have very limited other engagements at this point (feed baby, feed me, laundry, oh yeah, shower!) and I have the time to see just how many events have TV coverage. NBC has made watching much easier and surprisingly not all equestrian events are pushed until the wee hours of the morning like previous Olympics.

As I sat watching dressage, I had a change of heart for the event. As the first rider primly crossed the arena, I had my usual 'this is way too prissy for me' thoughts. Then I started to watch their movements, while listening to a broadcaster who actually knew what she was talking about commenting on the ride, and realized, it didn't look so boring to me now. In fact, it looked kinda fun... the level of control that always seemed stuffy to me now looked so clean, like a good challenge. Was this just me realizing I'm turning 31 next month and feeling out of shape? AM I getting old, or just growing as a person and equestrian?

Of course my liking it means very little at this point, I have no horse to train on, and am still really just mastering the basics, at least it feels that way when  the trainer yells at me for the same thing over and over ('Hands!'). Besides, as much as it intimidates me, I still like jumping. I need that kind of stretching of my strength and willpower, I am not the most assertive rider, and jumping pushes me to stop the worried thoughts and just do it. Someday I will finally get another horse, and I can try all sorts of things. Until then I will keep taking lessons, and enjoy watching my baby watch horses dance across the TV. (Can we say pony?) :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Back in the Saddle... again

As I sit here trying to slide my arm out from under a thankfully sleeping baby, I realize how much my life has changed since my last ride in October. Riding again last night, felt like a little bit of my old life learning to integrate into the new. I arrived a little later than I wanted and felt sooo out of sorts, I haven't ridden since we moved to the new barn, and even though I had been haunting the place while pregnant, it was different actually trying to find stuff, while knowing I was running late. Luckily Kaile the horse I rode was kept right front and center in the barn (no hiking through the heat for Buster) and Karley was there to help me... I couldn't remember the last time I had put splint boots on (actually it was 1999 on my QH Rad when I think about it), such an easy thing seemed so foreign now.

I hauled myself into the saddle, happy I hadn't grabbed the really uncomfortable saddle I usually seem to always grab by mistake and we putzed down to the lower arena. Kaile has the slow mosey of an older horse that has been there, done that and no longer has any intention of rushing anywhere. ....

(Insert two day pause in typing this for... well life)

I was lucky enough to have my mom come watch me ride (she hasn't seen me ride other than photos since I was a child) and watch the baby so my awesome husband could supply us with fresh pics :)

Happy mommy

I felt soft and it was kinda disconcerting because there were a bunch more people sitting with my trainer watching than usual, some giving their advice which is kinda outputting since I already knew I was not riding anywhere as well as I could. My trainer let me put Kaile through her paces at my own pace, laughing every time she asked me to two point (yeah right). Other than her (rough) rocking horse canter, Kaile was the perfect back to riding horse to ride: calm, slow, but still responsive. I was soo tempted to jump with everyone else, but decided to ease back into riding, killing myself the first time doesn't do me any good in the long run. 

Our handsome voyeur 

Yay riding with Karley and the gang again