A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Still waiting for Fall...

Yup, its still in the 70's here. At least its cooling off at night, but good grief, I have cute boots to wear and warm drinks to enjoy, get with it mother nature!

still working on our selfies ;)

Holly is enjoying her half-training life. She's filled out nicely, so I don't worry about her needing grain if it ever gets cold this year. 

Fat and Happy mare

Training rides are going well, she's usually jumping over 3' to 3'3" but now has done a few at 3'6"(eek). She's still kinda a mess that high, but usually after the first rail getting plowed into, she does well now at 3'. 

super blurry screener of WS and Holly
rocking 3' in the scary indoor :)
Its funny when you watch someone else on your horse, you can see so much. Holly is super sensitive about being spurred when jumping, and still really needs support and direction on finding that distance and pace up to the jump. 

Its hard just watching everyone, but at least I get to see everyone's progress while not having to worry about my own ride.

The hard life

And I get to enjoy cuteness.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Putzing along...

Yay for crazy wind hair
Yup, more boring stuff, with me, fun stuff with the WS's.

Holly is reportedly being good for her trainer rides, mostly, she is a princess, and does occasionally act accordingly.

Last night everyone jumped inside, including over the scary lattice pannel. Holly needed the WS's support, but she went over and other than always wanting to rub at the first height change, she cleared 2'9" easily.

Trainer occasionally puts her over 3'3" to 3'6" so I think she appreciates 2'9" now. That certainly looks plenty big to me lol.

Sigh, trying to get it in my head now that the jumps won't stay little for long post baby. Trainer has little sympathy for that whole, but I was just cut in half and had a baby ripped out. ;) Which is good, cause I'd milk it forever, but still.

Working in the spooky windy round pen
This time change is messing with my routine, and certainly is rough, when your kid thinks its ok to now wake up at 545am. No bueno. Since I work nights, I pretty much will be living in a dark world come next month. But at least its cooling off. Yay for warm drinks and tall boots, finally!

Marching past the peanut gallery

Preggo shadow, mare sure knows how to
 look sweet when she's tired

Also go try to win what looks like some great products at The Owls Approve blog. I know these will be on my next paycheck want list :)