A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Friday, March 27, 2015

Murieta Classic I and II

So by now, odds are you've read either Karley or L's blogs about the show. If you haven't yet, you should, they have great blogs ;)

I didn't really know what to expect from Holly, she's done a couple little shows with her last owner and one schooling show with me. That said she was 6 going on 16 at her first big B/C rated show. I was certainly overwhelmed, like 6 arenas (just the ones being used) all with awesome footing, like 3 different offices (thank goodness other's knew where to point me for things), several barns, and all levels of horses and adorable ponies.

Holly was incredible. Luckily she was nearly completely shed out so she was shiny and I totally fell in love all over again when I saw her in fresh braids. She held her own with some pricey horses.

Thanks to mostly hard work by our awesome WS, J, we got a few of every color but blue. There were a few barns with like 14 horses, most being ridden by a trainer, so stiff competition.

J makes any horse look better
There was no spooking or shenanigans, yes a few not so nice lead changes and transitions, but some moments of true awesomeness too. Nothing makes a horse mommy proud like hearing bystanders compliment your horse.
Hubby was more than happy to use his new camera

Official standings:

(With WS)
Warm Up 2'3"-2'6" - 2nd
Warm Up 2'6-2'9" - 4th
2'6"-2'9" - 1= 5th  
                  2= 6th 
                  3= 7th 
                  4= 3rd
              U/S= 3rd

(With me)
CWD Eq 18&O Flat= 8th (out of 9)
Low Child/ AA Hunter U/S= 5th (out of 9)
AA Hunters 18&O U/S = 6th (out of 6-my bad picked up wrong diagonal on bad transition)

SO that means on my first ride, in the eq class, with only 5 rides under my belt since having a baby 6 weeks ago, I beat someone! I was super proud of that ugly colored 8th ribbon.  I really wish I had still had her braided for my classes, but just couldn't pay another $55 for me to do 3 flat classes. That said most of the other horses were in my second two classes.

Of course yesterday Holly was all sorts of a pill back in our hard, dusty outdoor. She spooked at the piles of jumps, and gave me grief when I asked her to do things like collect.

Do I worry so much? Not anymore, because now I've seen what she can do and the satin we can acquire. And I want more.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Dance

 I'm back in the saddle finally! So doc may have said wait til 6 wks post c-sect, but I wanted to ride at 4, so getting on at 5 wks is a good compromise right? ;)

Rode Thursday and Saturday (no pics from Sat since hubby had fussy baby issues) but trainer snapped a few Thurs. Overall love being back. So much to remember. Again.

Thursday WS rode her first doing some changes etc. She's been jumped a bunch in the last week in prep for show next weekend so despite rather sloppy footing and a bazillion gnats she was good.

 Then much to Holly's dismay, I hopped aboard and did some sloppy WTC. Was supposed to only W/T but somehow trainer had me attempting two point and cantering within a few laps.

I'm totally getting why people like having a groom, the WS has been doing some serious loving and grooming on my pony, and she is shed out and shiny, with no elbow grease from me.

Still bunches to do to get Holly ready for the show next week ($$$) and although I wish I was spending the money for me to ride her o/f she's going to look way better with J, WS of impeccable eq.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Creature of grace and beauty

Um, ya or not...

Yes, this majestic beast has been in fine form this week with a few extra days off because WS has been busy and I'm still not cleared for riding.

Someone decided they didn't want to use the bitting harness any longer and amongst a great show of little bucks lost her balance and wiped out.

yup, broke in two places, in Case there was hopes of rigging it for further abuse use. I take the blame, I should have given her more warm up, but let my tight schedule overpower my common sense. Sigh.

 Next week hopefully I will ease back into riding, and WS will do some big jump schooling in prep for upcoming show.

I leave you with pics if our horrible California weather.