A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Ok, trying again to dust the old blog off. Honestly a lot of posts I end up waiting on media editing, then they get so outdated they sit in the draft folder, shelved and unloved...

I have been making a solid 2 lessons/wk lately. Its better than 1/wk. For the most part our weather has been awesome (with the exclusion of one lesson that included jumping in a light rain) and we have been enjoying the outdoor arena again.

Not an Eq Princess 
Yes, I said jumping again. Trainer finally gets that I am in no hurry to jump anything over long-stirrup height. Sometimes I just do the one cross rail warm up and WS gets on, sometimes I do a little 2-3 rail course. Since I don't do height, trainer makes sure I do plenty of turns and changes lol. Rollbacks with lead changes are hard for princesses.
Here mommy, lets pretend these are taller
Holly isn't real happy at baby jump height, she gets rushy because she is sure its work to be done fast so she can get on to the real stuff. Tuesday I warmed her up, she was slightly looky at all the moved-and-stacked-things along the rail (as were all the ponies), but otherwise very channel-able with her energy.

Every once in awhile she cleans up for baby jumps
Then we jumped. She was kind of a sluggo to the jump. Then she'd take off, needing a strong half halt or to stop and reverse. Nothing horrid, just fussy. Then I let another girl jump her a bit (that's another story) and she was exactly the same. Its nice sometimes getting to see what is happening from the ground. The WS that usually rides her is light-years better than I ,so its never a fair comparison.

Then I hopped back on and asked for a little more jumping. Yup, little weenie me asked for more. Trainer  had us do a cross rail away, rollback to another cross rail. Princess was a little upset over seeing the other horses leaving while she had to work again (even though L was warming up  wonder-twin  Ramone around us).

So bored mom
We had a little fight discussion, got over it, and ended with some good pace before and after the jumps.

Then I watched L jump like a boss and we headed up to the barn. At this point it was just us (and hubby) and we had a nice long conversation about all things horsey, which was so nice. With kids its soooo nice to have non-kid related conversations every once in awhile.

Eventually I'll edit some video, new computer doesn't have editing software (that I like) yet so slacking.