A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Sunday, January 18, 2015

TOABH: Sugar Momma

Sugar Momma.
Let's continue pretending that horse poop magically transforms into money instead of the other way. So money doesn't matter. If you could buy anything for your horse, what would you buy? 

Lol, homegirl would need a lot to be a spoiled, kept pony. The only luxury she gets is stall (finally) with paddock, and she doesn't view it as an upgrade.

Sigh. I'm so far from this, I don't even know all the pretty things to dream for. Well ,we'd start with a better barn. Which would mean buying own property, or current property and fixing it so there arent't things like extension cords running to the hot-wired paddocks. 

Princess would be in her own double wide stall/ paddock, with daily turnout, regular massage, chiropractor, and full training. 

She would be in a custom saddle, prob still CWD, but there would be a slew of saddle reps before purchase, and monogrammed Ogilvy's in all the pretty colors because I'm indecisive. And of course, a clean show only version of all her tack.

Also nice open front boots. Like Eskadron's would be her slumming it in pasture boots (not her current cheapo Dovers). Or her no-name jump boots for that matter. Also lots of polos. In many, annoy crap out of trainer colors ;)

She'd be clipped (because with turnout and full training she'd never be crazy right?) and would have all the pretty, expensive, blankets to keep princess happy and looking sharp ;) All monogrammed of course. 

And because sometimes you need to go places, one of these would totally be necessary... With a hired driver.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Home Stretch

Hallelujah I made it to maternity leave. Not that I didn't end up with bronchitis from trying to get some extra hours in, but I survived. Baby survived. Hubby survived (probably the most worn out lol).

Weather has been alternating warm and beautiful and foggy/cold and beautiful. While all this dryness this is fun and makes waddling around the barn easier, I am worried what this means for the summer. Added water charges along with added hay charges? Hmm...

1 year ago
Someones filled out this winter
Anywhoo, took advantage of a super warm, windless day (and that WS had given Princess a bath so she was respectably shiny for her winter fuzzy self) and let her roll and run a bit then brushed her up paraded her around for photos.

Never used fly bonnet, and toddler brushing me, no bigs...
She was so mellow, I just  about swung up on her bareback (then remembered I don't do anything but waddle right now). It was encouraging to see that relaxed, calm side of her.

Someone was super proud he got to help lead Holly

Seriously did not care

Holly is finally getting her paddock added onto her stall. Hopefully it will allow her to be even more exposed to all the people and scary things until she doesn't care anymore. (fingers crossed lol). And let her flirt again, lord knows she needs her boy time.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015- New Beginnings

So... uh Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sorry, a little behind on, well... everything right now.

Between the holidays, work, pregnancy, and some cats peeing/destroying all of our furniture, the blog was on the back-burner.

Holly sporting her xmas gift
I've been a semi-neglectful horse mom, letting princess stay in her stall over a few days, unhappily kicking the walls, squealing and driving my barn mates crazy. But poor baby avoided the flooding of her previous paddock, and sub-freezing temps because mean 'ol mom put her in a box stall. Not that it wasn't promised to have a paddock like weeks ago, but still.

Why am I locked in this dungeon of terror?!!

Oh wait, this is kinda nice...

Holly's been her winter, spooky and high, but not totally crazy self. She definitely gets over things like walking around in crazy wind better than a year ago. Yay progress. Probably helps I'm too preggo to put up with that kind of shenanigans.

Look Mom, I'm a giraffe!

Will look respectable for cookies

About all I've got in horsey news. Except for BDay/ Xmas I got a pair of Mountain Horse Supreme Field boots. They were a steal on Tack of the Day, and since Karley had them and raved, I figured just go for it.

Please excuse the glowing pale leg...

I ordered a size 9, because I am usually 8.5 and dropping to a 8 without the luxury of trying them on sounded scary. What I got was extra toe room and a bit (too much) calf room. I think, if I re-lace them so my ankle has a tiny bit more room, it means I can wear comfy socks. Win. The soles are so comfy compared to my Bevals, and they already feel super worn in, other than needing to drop a bunch. I can't wait to be riding again and do a review. Now I can polish up the Bevals for show.

Someone loves winter weather :)

So here's to a new year, with new goals, and new members of the family soon to be on their way.