A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Scrambling to stay current

Going to be more pics than words... Oh darn I know ;)

Sunday- Hot and dusty, so played in a friend's western saddle.

 I never really have ridden in a new one, and holy moly that thing is squeaky! It was like we were being followed by a pack of ravenous mice. Holly was not amused. She played western pleasure pony before I got her, so at least I knew she wouldn't be nuts.

Honestly I am finally more comfortable in my CWD than a western saddle. Never thought I'd say that. I do still want a good western saddle, still nice for trail to me.

Tuesday Night- Lady's night is coming back around, now that Karley is back in the saddle (yay!) It was still pretty warm out, ugh, over summer now. Used the draw reins again until we jumped our little tiny baby x. At least its something. 

Wednesday- AM lesson, luckily not as warm. Holly is so much more responsive the day after draw reins, I guess she gets it. Another session of baby x jumping, had to really work at getting her to not rush after and to be straight all the way to the rail after, she tends to cut in to change leads. Lead changes are getting so nice, finally

OK, dinner, bath,bedtime for the cutie pie on my lap, so more Blogging another day ;)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

media catch-up #1

Seriously not much to write. I am happily typing on a tiny keyboard for my tablet, so maybe it will be easier to update now, since my laptop has bit the big one.


Video is a little bit of us attempting to get Holly's hind end to respond (i.e. yield,) then us jumping mostly on a big loop of two baby jumps.

Pics are from last week, when my jumps still had the slightest bit of respectfulness to their height.

Holly is a lazy girl over baby jumps, so pics are not so pretty. Bright side, I get to make her practice speed and distance without my having a panic attack over how tall a jump is.

Trainer is determined to keep me going over anything she can for as long as possible, so I don't become too weenie post baby.

Luckily trainer has plenty of flat work ideas, so I won't get too bored, lots of shoulder/haunches in, flying changes, patterns, leg yielding, and eventually counter-cantering.

Holly so far rises to the occasion and picks most of it up pretty fast. She gets everything, just sometimes disagrees with how you ask for something. Ah mares.

That has also led to us using draw reins. I'm not loving that whole extra coordination required with the extra reins, but they serve their purpose well. She is so much easier to frame up for days after, and not nearly so heavy on me.

Umm... yea I guess I'll add the rest to another post, still behind on editing things, I can only take so much YouTube toddler videos to keep the kiddo occupied while I edit...

Friday, August 15, 2014

Bad Horse Mommy

I'm so going to tie my elbows to my torso
Ok. So I'm waaay behind, so I'm a bad blogger too. As I expand my waistline, my elbows drift out, leg comes off more, and I certainly am over this heat. Especially since its been so humid. If its gonna by muggy, can we at least get some rain?! My weed patch of a lawn would really appreciate it.

So yea, Holly has mostly been awesome, the cooler mornings has gotten her a bit sassy, including misbehaving for one of the WS with some naughty ground manners.

I'm kinda at the cusp of not jumping anymore. I really hate to give it up with so long until I'm due (Feb ugh), but I'm clearly starting to have a change in my balance.

I'm not sure if its better to keep doing little stuff, or just flat, and not potentially get bad habits because I'm countering my new weight balance. And of course I'm a little more nervous with the whole protecting growing life inside me.

Then there's all the new dings and rubs on poor miss Holly. I feel so bad, she ended up with a bad rub from her bell boots, I clearly should have seen brewing sooner. She's not real phased by it until I go to clean it, but I feel bad nonetheless. Now she's got a rub from her splint boots, oiy, back to polos for a bit.

And I let her feet get too long,somehow shoer missed her and she ended up way late on shoes... Which of course she promptly pulled one warming up last Weds after her new ones were on. Ah horses and their timing.

(These are from 8/5/14 but nothing newer to show)

Otherwise, she's been good, she tries to pack my left-behind or over tipping self around, gets her lead changes without too much fuss most days, and jumps some legit stuff with the WS while mommy earns her keep. 

That's pretty much the last few weeks for us...