A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

All the Many Updates...

So of course, I still suck at blogging with any consistency. Que sera sera..

Lets just make this as brief as my overly descriptive brain can:

1.Hives. Once again its the season of Holly looking like a 3-D topography map of the moon. Still not totally clear on what the cause is, most likely evil little fly/gnats eating my poor princess. Several rounds of Dex without much luck, but now she is hopefully turning the corner after 2 doses (and prob just time) or Hydroxizine. It wasn't real fun to still see those on Sunday when I was pulling her out to load up for the show.

2. Schooling Show. Did a schooling show. More details later. Basically I did some mediocre flatting and some good flatting, which was not rewarded any better than my mediocre work. Was too dang hot, tired, chicken to jump actual course, but did warm her up over baby X (volunteered!) for the WS.

3.Sale pony. Yup, princess is still for sale. This is hard because she is in her Summer Personality, where she's awesome-sauce and my biggest complaint is I can't ground mount because I'm not flexible. A few have come and looked at her. Its a very mixed- emotion thing, with lots of anxiety on top. I'll do a full write-up later.

4.Jumping. So, yeah. I still do that. In the most weenie, the kids jump higher most days, sorta way. Most days trainer lets me decide if I feel up to it, but some days she just point me at jumps (when its hot and she knows I'm too tired to whine). So I pretty much decided I'd test Holly's ability to pack me. If I keep my leg on enough, but hold her from rushing, or wandering, she really will pretty much pack over <2'6".

 Truth- I need my core back because on the backside, I have a really hard time sitting up. My back is done with working OT for my absent Abs.

IDK why, I hate this gate sooo much
5.The rest. Holly is pretty well versed in the basics now, and its fun getting to play with cleaning things up, better haunches in, better canter departure, better downward transitions, etc. I may not have been alone in putting the buttons on her, but I'm certainly helping the process, and I'm proud when I sit back and watch others on her, and see how good she can be.

My 4 year old finally like riding. Mostly at a walk, with me, but its a start. Trainer even had me ride schoolie bareback (loose pad only) with him. Its only been a decade since last bareback ride, why not? Lol. Holly has also been most tolerant of my little minion riding pretty much no her withers for a few laps around the ring. I'm proud mamma of them both on that one.

L in background, Liam telling me not to run into things.
Holly so chill with the extra passenger
 (who does where a helmet now)

6.Blogger Meet Up. Many others have posted, let me just say, so worth not sleeping after my night shift (although I'm sure I was a bit goofy to converse with). I look forward to more horse-related get togethers, after years of car related activities, its a fun change.

Gee, glad I kept that short ;)