A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Lame start to our relationship...

So for those that don't follow my Instagram, my pony didn't waste any time earning himself some downtime.

Took Mon-Thurs off because Birthday and school starting stuff got in the way, along with some horrible air quality.
Hello? Wherez the cookies?!
Friday I got to the barn with hubby, good camera, and 2 kids in tow. I adjusted a pony bridle and standing a barn mate had found in the deep recesses of their trunk, realized a new girth didn't fit, scrounged up trainers I've been using, and finally got all ready.

So there we were, having a nice, quick pre-ride canter in the roundpen and suddenly he was limping, but still trying to keep going along... prob should have assumed with my luck bell boots were mandatory...
There was blood sprayed all over his hind legs and belly. 
Very Hitchcock.

Tis but a flesh wound.... hopefully mostly...

He was a really really good boy for all the doctoring, especially since he isn't a fan of having his legs touched.
Told you I shouldn't have shoes on new mom.

It looked better the next day so I left it open to air.

Felt bad later not asking barn mate to bute him again on Sunday as he was still gimpy and got Bute again Monday.

So yeah, that was a fun month and maybe a handful of rides. #joysofhorseownership
He is still pretty damn cute though, and I wish I could see him more. And ya know, ride him. #adultingisoverrated

Also because cute: 

Apparently corgis eats everything but baby fingers

Sorry to lazy too turn photos...


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed. Hoping its just a passing lesson in proper booting

  2. Well he's obviously making himself right at home lol. Sorry about his ouchie - hopefully he's on the mend for more fun :)

    1. Praying its not a bigger injury. He definitely feels at home, messy boy

  3. UGH what rotten luck! But baby and corgi are SUPER CUTE

  4. Omg owwwwww :( poor guy! His sweet face tho, i love it. Hopefully he heals up ASAP !

    1. He has a very sweet face. Hoping he is sound this week.


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