A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Sunday, November 26, 2017

1 month of puppy

So its been just shy of a month with Mr Lucky.

He's still super adorable, and apparently already 3 lbs heavier as of last week.

Power of depth of field- his ears look normal sized :P
Integration: My Aussie has decided playing with him is worth getting puppy-drooled-dread-locks on his belly and being constantly nipped on the legs (corgis are true ankle biters lol).

So happy they get along
Training: He came with Sit command already nearly installed, Go Potty works (at least as well as it does with my ADHD-ish son). He gets Up, he just still doesn't have much hops. Watching him on stairs is incredibly entertaining. 

This will be the first dog I likely take to training classes because there are a lot of holes in my Aussie's training (because I trained him) and after years of paying for a horse trainer, I realized its ok to enlist professional help for dogs too. Ain't no shame in wanting your animal trained right. Plus I get to tote around Mr Sassy-Pants-Adorable-Fuzzy-Butt.

Lifestyle: I have never had a smaller dog and couldn't resist a little dress up as we wait for him to get current on all his shots so we can explore the great big world.... I'm sure it will then rain incessantly.

Tuxedo harness, but of course I NEED :)
My kids adore him and still help out with feeding him etc. I am excited to have a dog they can walk that won't drag them along like my Aussie.

Seriously such a snuggle-butt

Please excuse my techno-addicted kids


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