A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Saturday, November 17, 2012

How Kitty Got Her Groove Back

Ok, so if Monday's lesson was the "hey look, I don't feel like I'm gonna die" breakthrough, then Tues nights lesson was the "yep, still not gonna die, can I do more" moment.

Tues night I was super sore, not that my trainer cared much. It was really cold, but I didn't notice after a few laps warm up posting and two-pointing  on good ol' Magic. There was more two-pointing at a canter work than usual, and I'm now adding not gripping with my knees to my LONG list of fix-its. Admittedly once I achieved proper leg contact, I felt so nice and secure, now I just have to learn to hold it. After watching L and K jumping bigger jumps our trainer lowered the x, making me have a moment of feeling bummed I was jumping so low (say what?!). Then I remembered I was tired and sore, and probably shouldn't push a good thing right away. I still don't feel coordinated enough to steer, jump, not fall etc. I did ask to start cantering the jumps instead of just trotting next lesson, guess I really am feeling more confident, I just want to feel some progress and not have to watch video of me on the baby jumps pfr too much longer (not that I want to jump very high either). I was also told not to hold mane over the jump (geez one good lesson and I gotta give up all my vices?).

Here's some video,  My trainer finally made my hubby go stand at the end so I could have a point to ride at and see later in the video how much I was drifting. It is far more obvious when I'm watching it now.

 Probably wont ride again until next week, hack Mon, lesson Tues.


  1. Delighted to hear that all is going well and that you are looking to do more.
    Looking forward to next update to hear about ye cantering fences, :D


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