A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm still alive, just a slacker...

My laptop died. That's my lame excuse on why i'm so behind on blogging...

But look I give you pics!

 OK so I've been riding a little less, bit generally still getting my 2-3 rides a week. Mare's getting 5-6 which is most important.

 Overall its been gravy. Holly is pretty well locked in and now its nailing down the details, polishing the rough edges:

Sigh, I'm still so rough edged...

 -I still need to get her nose down and her on a better frame. Its work and as I get tired her nose pokes back out.

 -Lead changes have gotten better but some days Princess needs a bit of a spanking for some...over exuberant behavior. Hunter princesses need to be quiet.

Feisty mare's ready for the next jump
 - We both need to maintain pace. We cannot do lines and grids at a snails pace in and warp speed out. I am loving doing varying lines, learning when to keep hip closed etc on a one stride vs a three stride.

Middle of 3, gaining speeeeed, weee!

 - My eq needs lots of help still. Elbows need to find their way back to my sides (chicken lady) and I need to start giving Holly a little more release over jumps when she's not being a bulldozer (which is less and less). Also I find I am leaning too far forward now over the jump. Sigh, new saddle, new vice. Just have to remember to pull that booty back when closing the hips.

Into the line

Been worked extra, then got sick (left over potato salad= no bueno) So prob not a lot interesting for my next entry either...


  1. Great pictures!! I totally feel you on the tired=poked nose. It's hard!

    1. Thanks, I wish we could just learn to balance each other, not tug of war.

  2. She looks so much happier doing this kind of job :)

    1. She really does perk up when jumping. Occasionally a weenie with the new stuff, but clearly likes doing it.

  3. you guys look SO good! i need to come out and see it in person soon :)

  4. Gorgeous photos - i am totally digging all the purple accessories.
    Heart-Melter.-Holly rocks the purple!
    I cannot get over how great you guys are doing, looking fab in the tack & i am super impressed with how she has filled out and how well you guys are working and learning together!
    Major Kudos girl!

    PS: I feel ya on laptop mourning, mine packed it in two weeks back and i haven't sorted myself out yet - steal my dads when i can & try to catch-read when i get a window in work!
    Plus my smartphone can't remember how to turn itself on properly so no more insta or blog-reading on my bus commute - Le sigh = sad times...i really just need to sort myself out with some new technology stat

    1. I knew you'd love the purple! Funny thing its a great color on me (and the mare) but never a big favorite of mine. But since she looks divine, I'm warming up to it ;) Its hard being techno-behind.

  5. Woo hoo rockin it!

    Hope you feel better!

  6. Replies
    1. :) Thanks, I can eat food again, so I'm happy.


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