A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Monday, February 23, 2015

What's in a Name?

So apparently I'm now one of those owners that sends their horse to a show to be ridden by someone else. While I have mixed feelings, hubby is oddly ok with it.

Our only show so far
It's a relatively local B/C show, scheduled for 4 weeks from now. Which means at best I'll have been back in the saddle lightly for 2 weeks. (Hubby not so ok with me riding again so early, we will see). I may do a long stirrup w/t class if I'm feeling up to it.

Which means the WS (who has eq I will never obtain) will jump her in the 2'6"- 2'9" division. Its a good height for her since she schools well there but is still working on her 3' game. Eventually miss Holly will prob get sold for a large pony me and kiddos can ride, so show miles are kinda important.

Which leads me to my big question: Should I show Holly under her registered name (which I dislike) or change it now when I register her with USEF etc.

Her name is Homegrown Art.
This makes me feel like I'm riding some  backyard pony. Problem is im indecisive and apparently unimaginative and can't think of better...

My only contender is Insatiable Flirt
I'd love to keep the Art, but can't really figure it out.
Talk Dirty To Me, is what I keep joking with trainer I'm going to call her.

So really, ideas?


  1. I am hoping you will definitely be okay with riding in the weeks to come :). Her name isn't that bad considering the plethora of really awful animal names!

    1. I know, but as a kid I had a million names and now I'm blank. She's pretty, I just think she needs a pretty name.

  2. What about a name based on Holly or holiday?

    1. Thought of that, just not a lot came up that doesn't sound Christmasy

  3. I'd keep the Art in her name personally, but only because I know her sire and that name means a lot in the AQHA circles. With USHJA it's much less important.

    You could do...

    Artful Flirt ? I don't know, my brain is tired right now!

    1. That was actually on my list :) and I'd expect you to be brain-fried!

  4. Artsy Type
    Pop Art
    Fine Art
    Artist Retreat
    Found Art
    Performance Art


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