A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Monday, April 2, 2018

Q2 Goals

Well, guess I picked a good time to get back into riding, that way I can just pick up at a new quarter. 

So this is a really rough, just trying to hold myself accountable draft...

Goals (riding and life):

1. Ride at least 1 lesson/wk (no option for hacking yet)
2. Set base two-point time
3.Double two-point time by end of quarter (..so like 1 min lol)

Yup, totally me
4. Convince self don't need pony

5. Buy a pony.......... ok realistically find one to ride (bought or leased)
6. Budget for a horse (like the realistic order this is in?)

7. Kids ride 1/mo (no horse to put them on yet- mine or borrowed)

No more Trooper pony :(

8. Set technology boundaries for family

9. Regular exercise 3 days/wk (gym or home)

Seriously I just wanna do a weight circuit and treadmill

10. Not eat like I'm still pregnant (hello waaaaay too many calories)

This vague list in all honesty still seems really ambitious, because babies and eventually going back to work will kinda mess up my pathetic energy levels. When I get a feel for that I'll shore up a real list.


  1. Sounds like a good group of goals!

    1. I haven't even set goals in forever. They aren't really well written as hard to quantify, but the idea is there. Miss having you at the barn to encourage me to strive for better :)

  2. Awesome list...if you figure out how to a accomplish it all I will be in complete awe of your mama x 3 superpowers! I do hope you find your way to the barn more often than not and get that important alone time <3

    1. Lol we will see. My superpower is keeping my awesome hubby sane. Without him, none if it would happen.


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