A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ride 3

Notice the dog chasing a ball in the distance?
Jasper didn't care
Had my 3rd post baby ride. It wasn't all sunshine and roses, we had frame issues, but it still overall felt great.

Rode again in the half-groomed, mostly ok footing of the outdoor. It was nice in the high 60's barely a breeze, enough clouds to not feel too bad I forgot sunscreen.

Jasper didn't want to frame. At all. Which gave us issues with maintaining speed. But it was fun getting to work on it, I worked hard at paying attention to my body, where were my legs, was I leaning, was I sitting up. Its nice riding a horse that is steady enough to let you pay attention to yourself. 

Rode with WS and her younger but taller sister (who is also an awesome rider). They are fun to watch and ride with. I do miss my Sat am barn mates but still short horses to ride.

How Jasper felt about our ride

 I rode a little extra in the indoor as trainer had to meet the vet up in the barn. I worked at shoulder/haunches in and some turn on the fore as I only trust myself with a mirror if no one else is watching. 

Then homeboy got some dental torture work done and his nasty tail fungus cleaned.

I am hoping trainer will find a unicorn that I can bring the kids to come ride, otherwise I know I will get mighty itchy to buy something...

Clean all the horsey things


  1. jasper's face is seriously cute <3

    1. Lol he tries his best to be a grumpy bastard for grooming. But he will perk for a presumed treat.

  2. Not the same without you LW :P


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