A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The sound of music

Just curious what music others listen to while riding. I've started thinking that may help me quite the internal voices a bit and let me relax while riding, but I'm not sure what to listen to. I tend to listen to angry rock or techno/dubstep at the gym, but neither seem well suited to riding.

Hopefully I'll ride Mon, lesson Tues, work Wed-Sun

 and on a non-horsey note:

SF GIANTS World Series Champions!


  1. When not having a lesson I am always "plugged-in" to my music while on horseback in an arena - for just the reason you describe. I find it helps me relax and keeps me out of my head!
    Plus if i can't hear scary noises I figure neither can Kika! ;-)
    Case of "If I can't see you, you can't see me" classic denial :p

    Albums I've ridden to do date include:
    - both Adele's albums "19" & "21" - adore her voice & songs.
    - Florence & the Machine's "Ceremonials" (Don't have Lungs or I'd ride to that also - another singer whose voice & music I adore)
    - Anything by Snow Patrol, have the new album "Fallen Empires" and a 2 disc compilation of greatest hits called "Up to Now"
    - both of Two Door Cinema Club's albums, "Beacon" & "Tourist History" - current favs to listen to while riding
    I've also tried Mumford & Sons first album "Sigh No More" and while I really enjoy it on it's own it's a bit slow & too soft for me when riding - I can't really "hear" it so the thoughts can creep in, lol.

    Sorry this has gotten much wordier then I'd intended - hopefully there might some food for thought in the suggestions

    1. Thanks, those are right along the lines I was thinking!

  2. Mmm I've listened to talk radio mostly (presidential debates) I was thinking that some Blonde Redhead or Sufjan Stevens would be good for riding. Ann is always listening to the top 40.

    1. Thanks, I like the Sufjan Stevens, I've been trying to rebroaden my music horizons, I've felt a little stagnant lately (out of room on the IPhone).


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