A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Best laid plans...

I am so ready for fall. I am ready for sweaters and boots, and warm spicy teas. I am not a fan of super cold weather, or rain, but I love early fall, when it cools off, and the first rain makes the world feel just a little more clean.

But alas, mother nature is not ready to give up the blistering heat of summer just yet. It just feels wrong to have hundred degree days in October.

So last week I only rode Monday, and that was just basic hacking in the arena. After that I felt horrible all week, and since I can't afford time off work, I figured I better take it easy (boo).

How our arena felt in this heat
So far this week I just lunged Louie on Monday, no one else was riding while i was there, and it was nasty hot, we both got a fair workout in the round pen, and he got some grooming love and his beloved grain.

Tonight we had a lesson. It was still sticky hot, but at least we had a breeze as the sun set making it livable. Since Louie had already been hacked in the am, I didn't lunge him and hopped right on. He was a little fussy at first, but he's a big puppy dog overall. I didn't jump today.. a million lame reasons.... Got to watch the others all jump well, cool Louie off, and walk Louie back to his home in the near dark. I would love to make it out tomorrow and Thursday, but I don't know if my muscles and family will allow it. Trying to keep my mindset positive (not my strong suit) and just roll with it all.

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