A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Sunday, September 2, 2012


“Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.”
           -John Wayne

How even the little jumps feel right now

I like how others start posts with a quote. Kind of sets the mood. So last week I had lesson Tuesday and a kinda lesson on Friday. These were my first two real days of riding Louie. 

Tuesday Louie was pretty mellow. The weather was nice and it was overall a good ride. I have come to the horrible realization that my body is no longer controlled by my mind, but by the weak muscles I now have, courtesy of my maternity leave from riding. I know I will take some time getting back into shape, but it is frustrating knowing what I should look like on a horse, and seeing pics that show I am no where near that. Plus I keep forgetting to smile. Half of my pics I look like I'm being tortured by riding, which while sometimes a little anxiety inducing, is so not how i feel. I always feel more satisfied after riding, like I've accomplished something. We always do lots of posting trot, sitting trot (yuck), and two-pointing. I find two-pointing easier on Louie, he's a bit round and has such a comfortable trot. I felt a little antsy at initially cantering him in the large arena, but he was a perfect gentleman, and so comfortable. I find I have to constantly force my back to soften into the rhythm. I get so stiff now  (I'm really only in my 30's right?!) I miss the rebound ability of my teens and early twenties. 

I made myself jump, even though my legs were jello. It was just back and forth over a little x, but more than enough for me. I had one spaz moment when Louie did his super bouncy lead change after the jump. My legs went straight out "like sticks" according to my laughing trainer. Luckily Louie is super smooth and I lurched back into the saddle only with a pride bruise. I don't know why I don't grip with my legs more, you'd think I would clamp down when I feel off balance. 

Friday morning was surprisingly cold and dreary when I got to the barn. Louie was a bit higher with the gale strength wind, but he seemed to get most of it out in the round pen and we had a good ride in the indoor arena lots of posting trot and trying not to run into others at a canter. Our indoor gets small fast. When we all went down to the lower arena to jump, I declined feeling if I stink at flatwork, I shouldn't be flying thru the air until I get more solid. At least not too often. The second day of riding per week is definitely making me more sore, and it shows in my riding. Hopefully I will get stronger faster and finally start riding better with more rides on the same horse. I know i will get better, but I am type A and impatient so it can't happen fast enough. I am not sure riding Mon and Tues back to back will feel so great but we will see.

Rough schedule: Mon- hack
                           Tues- lesson
                          ( Wed- yoga ) 
                           Thurs- hack  

I'm back to work this week, hard to believe its been three months already. But unless, I win the lotto, someone's gotta bring home the bacon :)

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