A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Getting down to business

Yesterday had my 3rd lesson in a row. Ugh, yea gonna take a bit to get the stamina for that routine (+100 sit-up/ crunches). Had to really push but finally got some action on the lunge line. Apparently she was as pooped as I was by day 3 because the rest of the ride I had to push push push (fine by me for flat work). Did more two-point. I raised my stirrups, which makes it a little easier, but I feel like my legs move more now... argh...I know the cure... more two-point lol. We worked on pushing into a proper frame... not head down between her knees, lol, and really using her back. I'm not used to having to really work at this either, so my trainer is probably hoarse after barking orders at me all lesson.

Watching video/ looking at pics, makes me really question myself. I've caught myself yelling at the video like I'm watching some reality show, "good god, stop making that face when you cluck", and "geez get your chicken arms tucked in", or "wtf is your leg doing?! I know I just need to settle into her stride, she's not smooth, but her stride is nice and big, and once we get things worked out I'm sure I will be less spazzy.

my pony :)
no caffeine glazed stare
well at least she looks happy

Trainer text today and said she was good for her trainer ride, and she has something different to ride her in to help keep her head up. I think my trainer has at least one of every bit imaginable.

Out of town til Sunday, then likely ride Mon, Tues, and Wed or Thurs.... still working on the new routine.


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