A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Part Deux... finally caught up...mostly...

This tree needs a swing :)

This last week...

Monday had another lesson. Lots and lots of trotting and two-pointing, Holly was overall good, she's so responsive its like riding a worm sometimes. Did all the WTC stuff then some ground pole/ tiny jump work. Nothing super awesome, just moving along. Its funny because some of the times she felt awkward from on top, she looks pretty spiffy on film. (Feel free to skip the boring ground pole stuff for the super exciting baby vertical jumping half way through.)

Tuesday was our ladies night lesson. Nothing big, other than Holly being a superstar and not spooking at anything, even in the scary dark. For more info, read L and Karley's blogs. ;)

Friday I rode while my trainer rode another gal's new horse and the WS rode a pony. We did a ton of trotting waiting for everyone to get on, then went down to the outdoor and did more. Holly's so wiggly and response sometimes its ridiculous. Its a learning curve for both of us for sure. After jumping pony, the WS jumped Holly up to about 2'6"-ish. Other than plowing into an airy vertical on first run, she did well, even with an in and out that was a bit tight for her big stride. She ducks her head like a stride out from the jump, and being already a little downhill, it kinda feels like your going to roll forward on her neck. I'm hoping we can get her head up before i learn to somersault down a horse's neck. I'm pretty sure there's some photos and video, but I'm kinda too lazy right now to go find, edit and post it.

And in other awesomeness... another contest! This stuff looks great, who doesn't love yummy scents while cleaning: http://www.equestrianathart.com/2013/11/rider-review-contest-higher-standards.html


  1. She's going to progress super fast.

  2. Ah! You guys look great! Absolutely adorable. I want to try and start a Ladies' night at the barn with a trainer. Now if only I could find a good one I can afford.

    1. Even if its just a bunch of you hacking together you should, its a lot more fun to ride in our group :)

  3. Keep up the good work lady! :)

  4. Hey lady! are you still wanting the Big D blankie? if so shoot me a comment with your email and I'll get in touch :)


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