A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Blog Hop: Right Here Right Now

So, since I'm like super behind, I might as well just do a blog hop :)

What am I currently working on in lessons?

Well.... EVERYTHING. But here's the gist of what I'm mostly getting yelled at for schooled on.

Straightness. No haunches in going to the right because it feels easier for her, no worming around to the jump (or after), no falling in at a corner... When I stay really relaxed and focused, she is so lovely.

Pace. This is as much me as her. I have to really get her going way faster than I think and let her fly when jumping. She's a good pony, she comes back to me, I need to trust that more.

Eq. When you make the mistake of riding a horse of a similar color, while wearing the same colored polo and breeches as a much better rider, you start to notice that you don't look the same in photos. I know I've gotten miles from where I was, but now I wanna look pretty while riding, not like a crazed chicken. And my trainer I am sure would love to not waste her voice on my lack of elbow control.

I guess I could at least tuck my shirt in :P

Confidence. This goes up and down, but luckily I lesson with a great trainer and an awesome group that reminds me that I'm a better rider, and I'm riding a great horse in the making. I've also learned it just about every 3 weeks or so I start feeling like a complete loser, maybe its hormones, and ride it out, because there's always some better rides on the horizon.

and I did.

.......But now trainer has me trying saddles like this...

Voltaire's Stuttgart 
Amazing... and way over my saddle budget
(heck over my initial horse budget)


  1. You guys are looking great and coming along quickly. I too have a huge trust issue...it is so mental. I get caught up in the what ifs and forget to focus on my ride at the moment.

    1. Thanks. It would be so easy if we could just shut our brains off, but I don't think that would end any better lol.

  2. We were total twins on Tuesday!

    1. I know, we should have put our maroon pads on, then we totally would have matched!

  3. Your hard work has paid off and will keep paying off :)

    Bahahahaha if she doesn't yell at you for elbows- it will be something else cause lord knows she always finds something we need to work on.. rightfully so though! But that is why we love her! :) Making us the best we can be :)

    1. yup yup, doing everything just one more time!


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