A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Know pain, Know gain

So, despite still being sore from neck to rump, I decided to suck it up and take a lesson. I would have sooner but the hubby and I had a great little getaway to  the coast on the weekend. 

Point Arena lighthouse
hiking in the redwoods- so peaceful
Had a flat lesson this am. G (an  incredibly sweet lady) was riding Buster and I was on good ol'
Magic. He managed to sulk  in the farthest  part of their pasture when I went out for him. Then he  pinned his ears the whole time I was grooming  him. Then the hook holding my saddle gave way, scratching up the front a bit. An auspicious start to my ride to say  the least. Luckily I just laughed it all off and  had a decent ride. 

I think it all finally clicked that when I get neat  the corners I have to stop  chiding myself on my eq and make sure  Magic is going to bend properly through the turn, even if there are spooky things happening at the open end of the arena. He worked much better at this, and I Worked at keeping my hind end back in the saddle at the canter, while keeping him with me. Ouchy, but a pretty good ride overall. I stayed focused, and he didn't try to get heavy (amazing what paying attention ahead of time does lol). 

Then we did ground poles and I worked at not staring down at them (uh duh probably  a big part of my fall) and staying centered, it was actually a really good lesson. I feel like while jumping is fun, I learn more from lessons like this. 

Once I'm  a bit less sore, I'm going to start taking more lessons per week, and upping my hours at  work for some more horse $$$. Lets face it, if I get a horse, it should be a packer at this point in my riding life. No shame in that.


  1. Defi no shame in that!! You will have way more fun to boot!!

    I look forward to seeing you again!

  2. Thanks, its weird not doing my normal Tues Ladies Night

  3. Definitely no shame in that!! Sometimes I wish I had the finances to be able to hope on a good packer every once in a while, just to remind myself that I know how to ride!!

    Hopefully you'll feel less sore tomorrow!


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