A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Friday Fun

Friday- It was another oddly scorching spring day, which made daytime sleeping rough. Since getting necessary sleep was not in the cards I dragged myself out of bed and did what any sane person would do, I went horseback riding :)

I got to the barn and L was there pampering her boy. We visited a bit while I slowly groomed and tacked up Magic. L decided she'd play trainer and came and sat in the arena while I rode shouting fun things like "drop your stirrups!". I was quickly red faced and panting in our 90 degree heat wave so L graciously brought me water. K showed up with her cutie pie daughter and we all visited while I did a mix of sitting trot, posting and canter work. Magic is so set in his routine I wanted to vary it up a bit to make sure he was listening to me, not just auto-piloting thru his paces. He was actually pretty well behaved considering I had pulled him from his food to huff around the arena. (Gee couldn't be my newly donned spurs) Since there was adorable little girls getting beginner lessons around me, we worked on mixed size circles at random points in the arena, trying to not run into ponies.

Cooled the dripping, sweaty beast out while chatting with L and K then decided since I was hosing Magic might as well give him a quick bath. You'd have thought I was spraying him with knives for the fussing this caused, but nonetheless he was shiny clean so we walked the long way to his home and I let him graze a bit so he wouldn't be tempted to roll his clean self in muck.

Nothing fun or horsey til Monday, just work work work :p


  1. Yeah mr Happy protested every second of that bath lol!!!

    He looks so little a skinny in those pics!

    1. He does look way skinnier in photos, grumpy boy

  2. haha except you should fire me if I was your trainer since I spent most of my time playing Scramble with friends lol.


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