A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Moving onward

Lesson last night. Back on Magic, which felt comfortable. After a chubby pony he felt lean and comfortable. At least I know all of his games. Found out the pony I tried was bought by some lesson kids my trainer teaches. Had one of those green-with-jealousy moments, got over myself (my budget is my budget) and got to work. Magic was clean and shiny since some of the lesson kids had given him a bath earlier in the day so grooming was easy. He really is a handsome boy these days. 

Putzed around the indoor arena while everyone else got ready and then headed down with a new girl. We did a ton of posting and two point work while waiting for Karley to get Henry out of rodeo mode. Trotted a baby cross rail back and forth, Magic was in the 'I choose to ignore your half halts and will run at the jumps thank you very much' mood. Finally got him to maintain a more normal speed and did the cross rail around to a wall. Didn't mess up, so i didn't have to do it again, yay.
Very short video, poor hubby was wrestling a kid and a camera.

Maybe a hack Friday, trainer has some horses she's feeling out about, so maybe some more shopping in the future :)


  1. There will always be lots of horses for you to try :) Don't worry. Also maybe you'll be climbing on that pony again in the future for a lesson or two who knows!

    1. I kinda hate shopping I fall in love for all the wrong reasons. I'd love to ride pony he's a fast learner, and man what a workout for my legs.

  2. The right horse will come along, don't worry!

  3. Something perfect will come along :)

  4. You'll find the right one, everything happens for a reason :-)


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