A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Friday, December 20, 2013

Moving along

(Awesome screeners I know)
Lesson Tuesday night was cold and dark, but no where as bad as it has been. L was running late so Karley and I jumped while she warmed up. Holly already had a pretty intense jump lesson earlier in the day with the WS so she was pretty nice and tired for me. Not dead tired, just actually needed a little push, and not acting like everything was going to kill her. It was sooo nice.

At least I'm not looking down anymore
We jumped a baby X, a vertical, and the lattice panel. Holly really only disliked the little baby X. Dag nabbit, she likes bigger jumps. Great, guess I'm not going to stay in the baby jump classes. We worked on lead changes. Ugh. I really have to get my ass back in the saddle and just suck it up and push her. If you make it through the video, you can just barely see her do a super smooth change at the end. Little princess can do an awesomely smooth changes... if she wants... We will get there.

Wednesday morning I had another lesson. It was actually super nice out, so we went down to the outdoor arena. It was pretty dang hard, but dry, and since was a bunch of old barn girls back on winter break, we kinda needed the space. Holly was really good, soft and responsive, and slowly she's carrying her head higher where it should be more and more. I was dog tired, so I appreciated her not being silly or stubborn.

OMG I'm working again?!
I expected to jump, but then our had me hop off and cool a pony so the WS could jump Holly through some lines. I was nice seeing how she goes for someone else. She really is quiet to jump if you don't pick or apply too much leg. J stayed on Holly and I stayed on pony while we all went for a walk around the property. It was super nice getting to
enjoy hacking out a bit in the sunshine in December.
Sweaty girl finally filling out
I'm out of town this weekend, so it will be all trainer/ WS rides until I'm back. Poor poor Holly.


  1. Sounds like things are ticking along nicely for Miss Holly & yourself!
    I hope you have a fab weekend :-D

  2. I love how Ira stands as a marker- she is so trusting ;)

    Lookin good, keep up the good work! :)

  3. I love Holly :) You guys are looking great together!

  4. Yay muscle. You guys are looking great, glad she's working out for you!


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