A Horse is a Horse

A Horse is a Horse

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hacking the heat

Friday- Got to the barn around 3pm, it was super warm, as in almost 90F, and I had completely forgotten the clinic was already happening. I went and sat for a bit with my trainer and the BO who were being caddy voyeurs from above. Watching a western clinic made me miss my comfy western saddle.

 I finally shoved off and got a sluggish Magic and we did an easy hack in the nice shady indoor arena. About 1/3 through my ride one of the other trainers brought in a little girl for a beginner lesson. I couldn't help but smile and watch, seeing her try to balance nerves and desire to do more. Magic luckily only did one slow-mo spook prior to her arrival, and I finally got off my laurels and caught him mid spin, quickly reprimanding him and pushing him right back around into the corner until he decided it wasn't any more interesting than anywhere else in the arena.

Cantering. Argh. First he would try to unsettle me with grab bit and run speed, now its a push push push to get enough speed for him to be properly collected and forward. He now has a habit of breaking gait when I try to gather back the rein he's inched through my  fingers (ya ya I know). We did lots of rider-initiated upward and downward transitions  until he was finally listening. I am slowly getting more assertive with him. He was a sweaty mess, which my trainer loved seeing when I was done.

Cooled sweaty boy out and gave him a good rinse and groom. Another little girl even said he was pretty, which I thanked her for and told Magic he was going soft ;) Admittedly I think he looks a little happier with all the added attention, even if its brief glimpes of a happy pony. He got to graze a bit while I talked with Karley and finally I dragged my self home, since I can only disappear for so long.


  1. It wasn't really a western clinic as much as a rope jiggling clinic.

    1. lol, very true, entertaining by any description :)

  2. I love how everyone at your barn calls it rope jiggling :) I'm sure your relationship with Magic will get better and better!


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